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Facebook Jobber, or a man who masturbates while on Facebook.
I never took Chris for a FBJ'er, but he was kind of creepy to women.
by Extra Mayo May 27, 2013
174 0
Fucking Blow Job.. Expressing amazement.
Person 1 : "I won a lottery ticket dude !"
Person 2 : " (FBJ) Fucking Blow Job... No wayy !"
by The Rider December 24, 2009
18 13
Abbreviation for Facebook job, a play on the abbreviation for blow job or blowjob, BJ. Occurs when a male and a female talk in a dirty, sexual manner to each other on Facebook. Apparently very popular among young teens, the modern version of phone sex.
"Dude Brittney gave me an FBJ out of no where last night!"
"No way, how was it?"
"Amazing. I wasn't even tired and i didn't wanna go to sleep after it. It was awesome!"
by Sanorg February 08, 2009
4 14