Face Book Intermission - a brief respite from the philosophical, intellectual, cultural, family-oriented, self-centered, political, food-tripping, ego-tripping, arrogant, creative, opinionated, plagiaristic, bla, bla, bla posts, comments, and shares in Face Book. Often, but not always, the F.B.I. is about a term derived or influenced by U.D. (Urban Dictionary). Sometimes the term is posted first in F.B.I. before it appears in U.D.
I'm tired of all these pictures and comments from my ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends... I'm now ready for F.B.I.
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by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012
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Female body Inspector.
I'm a self tought FBI agent.
by El Dolaro May 25, 2003
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I'm From the FBI,Drop your Gun!
by Rachel March 08, 2004
Federal Bureau of Investigation; an agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of Federal laws.
The FBI is primarily a law enforcement agency. They collect intelligence related to domestic security and perform crime investigations.
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by Dancing with Fire September 05, 2012
Fucking Bunch of Idiots
My office is full of FBI agents.
#federal agent #u. s. inverstigator #g man #fed #big heat
by G. TYSON March 25, 2007
The one thing you can yell and get access to anywhere possible.
*at a fine palace resort*

Random 20 year old: FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*guard makes way*
#fbi #yell #scream #movies #access #federal bureau investigation #cia #central intelligance agency
by wasteman_tingz September 05, 2010
An anacronym for the term "free balling it",it is shorthand for a male's decision to go sans swaddling or minus his u-trou...
When he realized he was out of clean underwear,Carl decided to go f.b.i.
#commando #semper ubi sub ubi #in chino veritas #sans brief #boxerless
by sheila in the car January 12, 2010
An organization of federal workers, or agents, designed to secure the US against security risks that disrupt the government somehow "clearing the picture" for other departments/agencies/forces or sending in their own forces for exigent purposes. They also have a nationwide web of phone/webtaps, informants, spies and undercover guys ("plants"). Founded in 1908 with the purpose of fighting crime more effectively nationwide, they eventually lasted through trying times such as the Prohibition, WW1/WW2 and 9/11 and continue their work today.
An agent: a suit with an signed ID. Usu. seen with a 9mm handguns, black Sedan and a red tie. *Some believe they are actually aliens.* ::GASP::
by Smkngmgc June 13, 2004
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