an acronym that stands for Federal Bureau of Investigations. Also an acronym for Face Book Investigations one of the F.B.I.'s internet crimes divisions.
I called the F.B.I. on somebody who is stalking me on facebook and the operator referred me to the Face Book Investigations unit.
by PseudoCOP December 08, 2009
Famous But Ignorant
when the stuipd feds come to you with nothing on you, it proves their famous but ignorant!
by cop blocker October 23, 2003
Fucked by Indian
Getting laid by an Indian dude, Someone dating an Indian guy is said to be FBI
by aaaiiiiii August 21, 2010
Fuck Being Indicted
Joe: playa my uncle just got Indited.
Ken: as Datyon Family says FBI
Ken: Fuck Being Indited.
by KiddCold September 06, 2009
'Future Booty Investment': This is the preservation of good terms with "ex" girlfriends and boyfriends, leaving the possibility of enjoying sexual relations sometime in the future. The term was created in 2006 by Colin A.N. aka Manimal.
James broke up with Carol three years ago, but they remained friendly. Later, Carol got married and had a child but her marriage ended shortly after his birth. Since Carol's divorce, she and James have been hanging out from time to time enjoying the FBI of their past relationship.
by ManimalOfNature September 29, 2008
Fucking bloody idiot.
Look at that dude passed out on the lawn. He's a F.B.I.
by kermit the frong April 30, 2006
Federal bureau of investigation: basically people of strong power who like to screw this country over and all the people in it, in coralation with the president (a.k.a. george bush)
"hey look, its some dude from the F.B.I!"
by lalalala October 22, 2003

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