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Acronym- Fuck.A.White.Girl.
Damn man i'm in the mood for a fawg
by blackone September 15, 2005
fat ass white girl
dude.. fawg 6 o'clock
by xskeetxskeetxskeetx February 04, 2010
F.A.W.G means fat ass white girls, as white chicks with big booties.
Look at them F.A.W.Gs on the other side of the road... Damn theses white hoes nowadays got ass!!
by eljay7x November 18, 2007
Fine Ass White Girl
Dam! You're a FAWG!!! (Fine Ass White Girl!)
by mymynd February 18, 2012
For a white girl
"You're pretty, fawg, but I prefer Asians."
by Faust Crowley October 09, 2012
Not a fag. There's a clear difference
You're not a fag, you're a fawg. There's a clear difference.
by Epon March 07, 2005