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faf, phahf verb (used without object)

1. Releasing a Fart amidst a powerful laugh. Usually resulting is a tight sounding introduction due to trying not to fart and once relased, the tone deepens and relaxes due to the "i dont give a phuque anymore" feeling once it cant be stopped...
Mary faughed during her stand up routine and boy did she need that crowd uproar to save her act...

My girl used to tell me jokes while I received fellatio but not after my faugh left her with fmist (fecal mist) on her chin...
by PhysiksMIA November 27, 2012
Verb - When you flatulate or 'fart' and laugh simultanously. The technique can be used to either cover up the sound of tearing ass by means of a laugh, however quite often the laugh or flatulance are often reciprocatory, that is either one often times will cause the onset of the other.
faughed, fauging, faugher
You ever been in a meeting with Bob after lunch, he's a serial faugher.
Man, did you catch when bob faughed during that presentation, he didnt fool me.
by shooooteh November 10, 2004
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