Short for fake ass nigga. Used to describe all the people who actually believe they are hardcore despite there retarded apperance and antics.
Yo, look at Eminem's brother over there...what a fucking fan
by Tiger R June 21, 2006
a term used to describe a hansome young man (Fine Ass Nigga)
"Damn girl did u jus see that fan walk past. He looked good as hell."
by Anna Lynn August 24, 2007
short for smak the fan...another word for a good fanny:)....short for your fanny...just a rejular nick name for everyone...
fan thattt!!!!
smak thatt fann:)
you hav a hairy fan sisterr
heyy fannn
by barberakis October 25, 2006
a slang word which can mean
Person A: how was your day today?

Person B: it was pretty fan


Person A: i won netball today

Person B: you are so fan
by amanda stav September 06, 2006
Short form of FEET ASS & NUTS. Jail lingo citing the contributing sources of the aroma that permeates the "block".
I could barely breath between the FAN and farts when i visited my dad in a medium security penitentiary just after dinner on chicken cacciatori night.
by ram March 16, 2005
The short verison for Fagget Ass Nigga, derived by a girl in Rockland county who always makes up her own words.
That fucking fan took the last condom! Stop being such a fan! Look at that fan walking down the street, fucking asshole.
by marco March 31, 2005
FAN Stands for: Feet. Ass. Nuts.
walking into someones house and has more than one bad smell to sum it all up say "it smells like F.A.N. in here
by Vince JGHS October 17, 2006
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