short for smak the fan...another word for a good fanny:)....short for your fanny...just a rejular nick name for everyone...
fan thattt!!!!
smak thatt fann:)
you hav a hairy fan sisterr
heyy fannn
by barberakis October 25, 2006
a slang word which can mean
Person A: how was your day today?

Person B: it was pretty fan


Person A: i won netball today

Person B: you are so fan
by amanda stav September 06, 2006
Short form of FEET ASS & NUTS. Jail lingo citing the contributing sources of the aroma that permeates the "block".
I could barely breath between the FAN and farts when i visited my dad in a medium security penitentiary just after dinner on chicken cacciatori night.
by ram March 16, 2005
The short verison for Fagget Ass Nigga, derived by a girl in Rockland county who always makes up her own words.
That fucking fan took the last condom! Stop being such a fan! Look at that fan walking down the street, fucking asshole.
by marco March 31, 2005
FAN Stands for: Feet. Ass. Nuts.
walking into someones house and has more than one bad smell to sum it all up say "it smells like F.A.N. in here
by Vince JGHS October 17, 2006
F.A.N. stands for feet,ass and nuts. Its used to describe a person or just a terrible smell usually after a long night of sex
Man 1. I think they were in there fuckin
Man 2. Why do you say that?
Man 1. Cause I went in the room and it smelt like straigt up F.A.N.
Man 2. Fan?
Man 1. Fan. feet ass and nuts
by Rupert...... December 26, 2008
An acronym standing for "Feet Ass & Nuts".

The term is used to describe the combined reek of foot odor, flatulence and scrotum sweat. The term is believed to have origins in the US Navy, where close quarters necessitated by life aboard a ship and rationing of fresh water led to a breakdown of bodily hygiene, leading to the terrible collective odor known as F.A.N.. The acronym has since found use throughout the US military and wherever stinkyness of men living in close quarters is to be found.
"Holy crap! It smells like F.A.N. in this barracks!"
by Zeke the Plumber May 01, 2008

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