to be a dickeater,smitty worker or scoopdagger
A fan is one who will interrupt a conversation between two people to comment without invitation,essentially a pain in the ass.
student a : uhm Ms,I didn't get my homework done
teacher:why not?
student b : because he was too busy getting cheeks
student a : shut up, why are you over there being a fan?is this your concern

girl :hey you're really good at that,I mean amazing,can you teach me how to write my j's like that too?
boy: chill bitch,stop being a fan.
by fuckyouImhawt December 29, 2011
An incredibly large and unshaven pubic area that fans out of one's underwear.
The other night I saw Ryan's mom naked and, dude, she's got the BIGGEST fan!
by Have you seen your mom? November 08, 2006
acronym for "fuck a nigga"
means not to have sex with a black person, but to kill one.
which is a personal favorite past time of many people.
A: yo man what are you saying tonight:
B: i don't know man, lets fan
A: fan?
B: you know, fuck a nigga ya heard meh.
by fanitup November 20, 2010
To knock someone the fuck out.
If that fuck nigga keep talking shit, I'ma fan his pussy ass!
by Paul Whiskey May 28, 2008
Something you do bad things to.
I'm going to do BAD things to the fan.
by the-real-pumice September 02, 2008
Fresh ass nigga or Fagget ass nigga
Guy 1- Waz good fan (fresh ass nigga)

Guy 2-whatz poppin


Girl- yo u know that kid with the long hair?

Guy- yea hes a fan (fagget ass nigga)
by riq94 March 12, 2009
Short for fake ass nigga. Used to describe all the people who actually believe they are hardcore despite there retarded apperance and antics.
Yo, look at Eminem's brother over there...what a fucking fan
by Tiger R June 21, 2006

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