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A true playa and spy.
Why are all those women in a crowd there?
To get with the face.
by Amalgam March 08, 2003
4 8
The grand master spy. A reliable and bad ass source of any information. The best of the best.
Dude, the party cleared otu just in time -- thanks to Face of course.
by Davidson March 08, 2003
2 7
a fucking spy
face you are a god among men
that guy is face you dont fuck with him or he will stick you underneath the fucking ground
by tfunk March 11, 2003
3 9
martin likes men
face is so gay
by martin's mom March 07, 2003
2 9
Fhe fucking man. He is spy.
Someone you don't mess with.
Dude, who stole my girlfriend?
The Face did
Shit, he's so face.
Fo shizzle
by the face March 07, 2003
1 8