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Simliar to fack, another way of saying 'fuck'. Very Australianised, often used in exasperation.
Damo: It feels like we're missing a scene
Dave: Did we get the one of us running off the train?
by DMac#23 September 16, 2005
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Australian colloquial term for 'fuck'. Based on the sound of the Australian Raven. The Australian Raven has a distinctive call that sounds like 'Faaark!'
A famous Australian variety show host, Graham Kennedy, got in some trouble back in the seventies when he cried "Faaark!" on live television.
" Fuck me! I had a cunt of a day at work and then I forgot to go to the bottle-o on the way home for a six-pack! FAAARK!"
by Indica Man September 24, 2010
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