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A F.S.D. who starts a generic "hardcore band" so that they feel they have a right to call anyone F.S.D.
Will - That's a pretty obnoxious bow you have in your hair.

Liz - Yeah, but I like it :D

Will - Ya know, it's pretty F.S.D.

Liz - Ya know, not only are you THE biggest asshole I know, but you're also the biggest F.S.D. cover up EVER! So why don't you go suck off the people at Music at the Mall so you can play up there again. Cuz your music sure as hell didn't get you in up there.
by max_lynch_ March 02, 2009
F.S.D.'s that call people F.S.D. for some bullshit reason to try and cover up the fact that they themselves are F.S.D.
Max - Do you like Chiodos?

Austin R. - F.S.D!!!!!!

Max - Wow. You have to be the biggest F.S.D. cover up of all time
by lynchmob1612 March 02, 2009
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