Fuck Da Metropolis:
Underground Graffiti Artist Crew whose members were unknown and purposefully anonymous- drawn from other crews, wracked havoc in suburban Australian areas during the mid 1980s to early 1990s-gleefully causing physical vandalism in addition to pornographic graffiti, mainly as a response to society demonising graffiti art, the artists wanted to give the public a show of what real demonic behaviour was like. An 'F.T.W.' approach to public opinion.
"F.D.M. was an exercise in violent youth rebellion against the city", stated Attila (AT)
by Zack 'A.T.A.' Bathory March 26, 2008
Top Definition
flying death monkeys:)
i hate bees okay. there like FLYING DEATH MONKEYS!!!(FDM)
by Coolerkid :D November 10, 2008
Short for: Festering Dick Madness. A potentially life-threatening condition, caused by chatroulette dicks on the brain; causes the infected individual to talk about dicks for uncomfortably long periods of time.
Micah sure is talking about dick a lot, I can't tell if he has FDM, or if he's just gay
by DIPHALIC TERRATUS March 11, 2010
Fuck da meeting.
FDM and talk to me, Cecilia.
by user_named_me April 06, 2015
FDM fat, dumb, man
women- man hes a beast!
women2- no, its just baby fat.
women3- girls dont kid yourself he's just a FDM!
by ALLU November 27, 2007
First .Day .Monday, It's the term used when the first day of the month is Monday
Ohh, this month is FDM
by True Canadian P.M May 26, 2015
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