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The Face, Ass, Tits scale you need to check to see if a girl if hot or not.
Friend 1: Damn look at that girl!!
Friend 2: Damn let me check my F.A.T. Scale to see how hot see really is.
Example 2:
Dude she's hot but lets see where she fits in my F.A.T. Scale.
by ThecreatorLol August 11, 2011
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The FAT scale is the single most important measure when judging women. Each letter represents an element of a girls features F for Face, A for ass, and T for Tits. Each letter is then assigned a number from 1-10, depending on how hot she is. 1 is disgusting, 5 is average, 10 is unreal. State their score in respective order. For example, a pretty girl with an average ass and big tits might yield the score 7, 5, 8.
Guy 1: I got laid by a sexy bitch last night!
Guy 2 FAT scale her!
Guy 1: 8, 10, 9!
Guy 2: I hope you rode that ass like a Mexican!
by Huculak October 27, 2011
35 8