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fingering butt-hole always club
anal fingering clubs butt-hole
I want to F-BAC all night!
F-Bac is so crip!
If you cut you finger then F-BAC Sammy, Do you get a staff infection?
Peter pretends to not like to F-BAC
If you don't get F-BAC, you secretly are obsessed with your own anus
by Wilson, Todd January 30, 2007
19 10
fbac stands for fuck biches and chill
nick "hey matt what are you doing this weekend"
matt "just fbacin you know"
by Chloe Neet March 30, 2008
9 1
Fuck Bitches Aquire Currency
Dave: Hey, what do you want to do?
Larry: Fbac
by fbac! August 19, 2011
2 1