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a shortened, censored version of "fuck that shit"
"Our paper isn't due until friday? F that S! I'm drinking tonight!"
by Beamer February 22, 2005
to replace your vulgar language with the letters they begin with. as to not sound like an 8 year old who just learned the word.
no way man, f that s.
by adam teabag October 10, 2005
Short for cursing, angry but do not want your kids to hear bad words.
guy#1 Yo, that girl dissed me.
guy#2 F that chick.
by koko33 August 23, 2007
Like "F"uck that. instead of using the swear word, it is the shortened form. either used for extreme displeasure or when very happy.
"Dude we got any homework?"
"F. That! Let's Party!"

"This chics hot man."
"F. That!"
by ParkerGramza Production September 04, 2007
An ballin way to say Fuck That
Or Fat if you speak Sylvester
(pronounced as one syllable)
"Hey dude you wanna go to the Fall Out Boy Show?"
*Enter Sylvester the Cat*
"Hey Fthat ass."
"Whos ass?"
"No, FTHAT ass."
by Sylvester the Puddy Tat May 27, 2008
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