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a shortened, censored version of "fuck that shit"
"Our paper isn't due until friday? F that S! I'm drinking tonight!"
by Beamer February 22, 2005
a fraternity porch, usually on the second or third floor of the house.
"Let's go out to the fratio."
by Beamer February 22, 2005
Stands for "hating life." Used primarily during fraternity pledgeship as one does, in fact, begin to hate life.
"Do this or you'll be HATIN' IT!!"

"Man, I am hatin' it right now."
by Beamer April 07, 2004
A phrase coined by Ali G in praise of something. Is also a website, www.madrespect.net, it's hot.
"You got the DVD to play? Mad respect!"

by Beamer February 22, 2005
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