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1. A portmanteau of not two, but three words:

a) Fucking - self-explanatory. Used as an intensifier.

b) Über - the German word for "above" or "over," now commonly used in English to mean "super," "better," or "very"

c) Tastic - shortened version of "fantastic," now used as a suffix to other activities or names (e.g. foodtastic)

All three of these words combined form the superlative, nay, the mother of all words. Not to be used lightly.

2. In concordance with the use of tastic as a suffix and über as a prefix, a single word may be inserted between them (e.g. fubercraptastic).
1. Charlie: How was the party?
Kevin: was...I can't even describe it...
Scott: Fübertastic?

2. Kevin: Yo, wassup?
Charlie: ughhhhhhhhh
Kevin: What's wrong?
Charlie: ughhhhhhhhh
Kevin: Did you seriously drink that entire keg?
Charlie: ughhhhhhhhh
Kevin: C'mon, man, give me something. How you feeling?
Charlie: Fubercraptastic....
by scubasteve90 July 19, 2010
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