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the sluggish feeling before engaging into a full deep sleep after eating the maximum amount of food. Its spelling is in direct relation to the eyes that are affected when experiencing this diagnosis. Symptoms are extreme tiredness of the eye lids that slowly pull down to initiate a deep slumber.
Thanksgiving dinner, Sunday dinners, corporate dinners, lunches that are larger than normal are all precursors to the eyetis. These meals will initiate the eye lids to close faster than normal and stay shut longer than required.
by jbabyis4u October 12, 2011
Also known as Eyti, Eytie, and Eytie.
A derogatory term for an Italian.
It emerged during World War 2 when the Italians joined forces with the Germans.
"Don't make that eyeti mad or he'll punch you out"
by Mara February 05, 2005
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