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1. A meeting that's so boring you contemplate jabbing out your eye in order to leave it.

1. Foreground And in this quarter our gross sales revenue.....You"So, if I take this pen and ram it into my eye, think they'll let me out?"
by LaCroix42 September 26, 2003
1. noun; What happens when someone goes a little batty at work while holding a pencil
2. proper noun; a website that works to prevent an eyejabber in progress
1. "Gerry had an eyejabber fit at work today. He'll never see life quite the same way again."
2. "I visited today. It kept me from punching my boss in the face"
by Karie Harvey September 23, 2003
by fupuru September 24, 2003
1. proper noun; a website that is more fun than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
by zoesdare September 23, 2003
Getting jabbed in the eye with a chode
P1: where'd you get that black eye from?
P2: Oh, you know murry. He's a real eyejabber.
by the vagina divers February 17, 2005
noun; angst in action
This is what happens when you get mad enough to jab your eye out. Who else would have come up with this site?
by zoesdare September 24, 2003
The end of the internet and your sanity
I am going to check eyejabber so my life does not feel so sad.
by Dudemac September 23, 2003
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