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A person who Eye-Humps others. Is often also a Butter Golem or otherwise resembles a living, drooling mass of pizza dough. Eye-Humpers usually develop eyestrain due to all the eye-humping they do, forcing them to wear inch-thick glasses, which unfortunately only serves to enhance the creepyness of the Eye-Humper.

The term "Eye-Hump" originates from an episode of Family Guy in which Peter Griffin complains that "every guy in the room is eye-humping my wife." The term "Eye-Humper" was first used by either me or one of my friends in reference to pasty mass of flesh who eye-humped me throughout my Junior year of High School. "The Eye-Humper" is used as a suffix after the given name or nickname. "Elmo the Eye-Humper," for example.
Elmo the Eye-Humper used to eye-hump me back to the stone age in Junior Year. It only stopped when my friend mentioned it in an essay he read to the entire class.
by Jack D. Ripper August 16, 2004
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