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A more intense/seductive version of eye flirting. You find this person extremley attractive and you want to tear them apart right now. Could also be undressing with your eyes.
Licking of the lips may occur.
Uhhh she's totally eye fucking me. I dont even know her. Wait she's bomb as hell though. ....Niiiice...
by Eby November 14, 2006
When you stare so hard at someone that you might as well have been insde them.
Dude, you were totally eye fucking that girl. You're gross.
by poopinawesome March 01, 2011
where some one staring at you really hard
"god damn i wish he would stop eye fucking me"
by Jen from the block August 14, 2005
When you and someone else are looking at each other like you want to have wild sex.
This guy and I were eyefucking for 20 minutes before he had the guts to come over and talk to me.
by Brandy Day September 29, 2005
when an ugly ass girl looks across the room non stop ....
1.eww dude i was being eye fucked

2. dude... shes eye fucking me
by dr.suess 101 January 17, 2016
when one inserts an object, most commonly a penis, into another person's eye socket. hopefully the person has a glass so it can be taken out before the eye fucking. if not, oh well, shit happens.
dood number one: dude, i was eye fucking the shit out of your grandma last night and i accidentally lost her glass eye.

dood number two: dude its ok shes got like 20 of those.
by d-rod April 15, 2006
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