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Extremist Nun (ecs/treme/ist) – A branch of the religion Christianity, where beliefs are far harsher than those of Christianity. Beliefs include but are not limited too; Showing of ankles. Saying gods name, Unless talking directly to him. Cursing of any kind. Praying to Shog when not directly praying to the mighty savior heavenly father. Being rude or harmful to others, etc..
The extremist nun religion requires many meeting and communions, usually held on Wednesday and Sundays.

Extremiss Nun. Commonley reffered to as ‘Extremist'
Entery to the religion is also hard since you MUST go to several (near 30) meetings.
Bob: "Where were you today?"
Jim: "Oh I was Extremist Nunning.."
by THE Extremist Nun. April 25, 2011
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