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Where you do nothing but smoke weed all day.
Pete: you commin over today?
Steve: na, im bout to sit inside all day and have an extravaganja.
by Pete Larson September 29, 2006
A great time or an event that is done whilst under the influence of weed. Or plainly just the time you smoked some Mary Jane.
Robbie, George and I had an extravaganja last night! We smoked two Henry's and now can't find George!
by callumcookie November 15, 2014
a party or social function involving preposterous amounts of Weed.
"yo, i didn't see you at my party yesterday." "well, exams are tomorrow, and it was a total extravaganja, so i wanted to be focused and stuff." "true dat."
by Spencer Rapson March 02, 2008
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