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1. When an individual has multiple genital piercings, and they prolong ejaculation so long that it explodes out of the piercing holes.

2. When an individual has withheld from intercourse for a while (and the splooge increase exponentially in volume)and the resulting ejaculation is so large that it overflows or explodes out of the condom.
1.a) Jason lost a stud when he exsplooged at the drive in.

1.b) Karl exsplooged so hard last night that it left a mark on his forehead.

2.a) Gorge explooged in Cindy last night after not having had sex in a year. Cindy is now preggers.

2.b) Donna wasn't pleased when she accidentally swallowed a piece of condom, that had exploded down her throat from Mark's exsploogion.
by Hermanculese The Brobot April 05, 2009