Exploding Dinosaurs (x-plod'-ing di'-no-sorz)
1. Exploding fossil fuels in an internal combustion engine
2. Exploding myths that racing fast requires gasoline

Dinosaurs died, decayed, and became fossil fuel that gets refined into gasoline. The explosions that drive an engine are "exploding dinosaurs."
I'm tired of "exploding dinosaurs!" I'm going to get rid of this gas burning car and replace it with an electric car!
by Exploding Dinosaurs September 09, 2009
Those capsule dinorsaurs that grow huge when you put them in water. Also made out of a rubber substance that when put in water they become slimy and grow. Also when a girl leaves a tampon in your bathroom toilet and it swells huge taking every drop of moisture in its path hostage. Also a situation between friends or a group of people that has the potential to have enough drama to take over the entire night.
When you were younger did you ever get those "exploding dinosaurs" that you put then in water and they got huge?

Sue left me an "exploding dinosaur" in my bathroom when she left last night.

The way these two are arguing it could turn into a "exploding dinosaur" if we don't take care of it.
by Danny Chaos June 12, 2006

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