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A combination of both Exlax and Ecstacy in one small convient pill form. Time released so you can feel both peak at the same time.
Wow man!! My Exlaxtasy just kicked in!! That hot chick over there. See her? I don't know if I want to fuck her or shit my pants!!! Maybe I'll do both at once?????
by Tommy R September 22, 2006
A new party drug that laces ecstasy with ex-lax, in which highly pleasurable feelings arise from uncontrollable bowels. Popular with bulimics.
Adam- Hey brah, why have you been in the bathroom so long? You're missing the party!

Ryan- Dude I took some Exlaxtasy and brought the party here!

Adam- ...Can I score some of that?
by BOSCO August 02, 2012

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