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A camera series of Casio, alongside with their other QV-R series. They are designed to be super thin, ultra-stylish digital cameras. Under Exilim, there are 3 other categories of cameras:

Pro: High quality, advanced cameras for the truly rich photography enthusiast, including a 7 megapixel camera.
Zoom: Only varying in megapixels, these cameras have 3x zoom with a 2 inch screen.
Card: This camera (EX-S100), although VERY SMALL, it still takes pictures in 3.2 megapixels with a 2.8x zoom and also has a 2 inch screen; Extremely discreet.

Exilim cameras have won plenty of awards and it is ideal for the casual geek who wants to take pictures for their website.
It looks cool AND it takes good pictures, you can't beat that.
by Gearbox January 14, 2005
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