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An exam related mental illness that involves the subject revising between 6-12 hours a day under the impression that they aren’t revising enough. This belief forces them to revise more and more but enforces said belief.

This illness is usually seen in Teenagers sitting/about to sit exams.
symptoms can include;

Lack of social life.
Unquenchable need to constantly revise.
Dude 1 "i was gonna go over my girlfriend's and get blotto last night but i couldn't cos she has examorexia!"
Dude 2 "tough break dude!"

Hot girl 1: I've been working so long today but it isnt enough!
Hot guy 1: looks like you're examorexic Baby!
by Fritzle May 29, 2009

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Not only is this a time when the only emotion is desire to revise, but also during this period there is a constant need for tea. Even if you have just finished drinking a mug.. you're brain (due to suffering from examorexia) tricks itself into believing that you need more to keep up the pace of mass revision.

A typical sufferer will consume 30 mugs of tea a day on average.
Girl 1: I'm going to make tea.
Girl 2: Wow didn't you just finish drinking one?
Girl 1: Yeah..
Girl 2: You're really suffering from this examorexia..
by Medalal December 29, 2011