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A cross between the words 'eww', an expression of disgust and/or aversion, and 'emo', the common contraction for the musical subgenre 'emotional punk', often used as a derogatory term. Meant as an expression of disgust or aversion towards something "emo".
"That boy is so ewmo."
"I can't stand this ewmo crap."
by TalaTsume August 18, 2007
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A really gross (emo) person, with really greasy, badly straightend hair, (slipknot) tee's, bad skin , gross jewelry .

They wear those arm stocking things.

There stench is unbareable.

They usually smoke heaps and think this makes them cool

Are just total gross out

Female ew-mo's carry many s.t.d's
me:'man , look at that fkn gross ew-mo'

freind:'haha yeh , slipknot suck hairy arse balls'

by texta April 18, 2008
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