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shite u say that'll get u beat up in the skewl yard
"but my mom said everyone is.." BAM! booyah! u just got knocked the fuck out!!!
by neo-kaneida October 09, 2003
4 7
Another fucking thing they tell us in 1st grade.
Don't feel bad that your mom's a crackwhore and your dad's a conficted killer...Everyone is different.
by a very fucking annoyed person September 30, 2003
3 6
no one is exactly the same, physically and mentally.
i went to my AA group last nite they explained that everyone is different and its hard to get off alcohol sometimes...
by titicaca September 20, 2003
0 3
is a phrase used to say everyone is unique
Dont stone her because everyone is diffrent
by Dionne September 20, 2003
1 4
Common phrase used by Very attractive women to tell 'loser guys' she is not at all interested in his Star Wars collector cups...nor is she interested in his sexual turn on's and fantacies.
LOSER MAN: "Yeah, i'm totally into the Princess Leia 'fantacy' know, the gold bikini? *wink*"

HOT SEX KITTEN: "Well, everyone is different..oh look! *points*

LOSER MAN:*looks* "Is it Leia?"

HOT SEX KITTEN: *runs away*
by James March 06, 2004
4 8