The peoples club, simply the pride of Merseyside, always has been always will be. If your an Evertonian they mean the fuckin world to you and you just love them no matter how much pain they put you through. They have to put up with total bullshit from those scummy kopites who have been massive fans since May 2005 but it doesn't matter because champions league or no champions league just being an Evertonian is good enough.
Evertonians are born not manufactured, we do not choose we are chosen, those who understand do not need explination, those who dont understand do not matter. NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM
by DannyEFC September 12, 2006
Top Definition
The team that the ordinary people of Liverpool (ie "SCOUSERS", not Welsh people or Tykes or Cockneys or Yokels or Scandinavians )love to love. Not for success or trophies or glory hunting, but because we just love them cos they're OUR team from OUR city.
We love you EVERTON we do. Nuff said.
by Mick D August 29, 2003
The best team in the world. Evertonians are born not made. You don't understand what it is to love everton unless you actually do, they're more than just a football team.
bloke 1''Who do you support?''
bloke 2''Everton''
bloke 1''They're fucking boss''
by Dooner September 05, 2006
Everton - The Peoples' club. A team supported by the vast majority of Scousers. Supported by many Scouse fans. Unlike their Asshole neighbours who have like 17 Scouse fans and 40,000 Norwegian/ Indian fans.

Al: Lad coming to watch the match?

John: Come round mine and we'll walk down to Goodison


Muhammad: Hey Sanjay coming to watch the match?

Sanjay: Yeah sure comrade you book the plane tickets and I'll buy us some LFC turbans.

Muhammad: Sound.
by EFC WG July 31, 2011
The Blues, the peoples' club, the football team representing Merseyside. They live in a cramped, out-of-date stadium, have no 'star' players, are bankrupt and doomed to relegation. However, they are still above the RS and have just twatted Manure.
Me (in the Walton last night): how long has it been since we beat them manc feqqaz?
me arl fella: Bout 25 minutes ar kid
by Ash April 21, 2005
Everton (also known as Evershite, Smallton) are a football club based in Liverpool. They are the small neighbors of the big club Liverpool FC who won 18 league titles and 5 European cups. Everton fans are too small to be hated. Therefore, Liverpool fans won't even bother about them.
Person 1: Hey, I think Everton are losing their game.
Person 2: Oh really? That is normal, small clubs lose their games.
Person 1: Yeah you're right, Everton are just too small to be winning.

evershite smallton
by rizsuarez April 07, 2015
very small football club from the city of liverpool,forever in the shadow of rivals liverpools 18 leagues and 5 european cups, everton claim to be the peoples club but very rarly fill their own stadium very bitter and twisted supportesr who blame liverpool for all their faults.....
ay la what score did everton get on?
Arsenal won 7-1...

oh well liverpool drew with man u so its sound gonna go back to wales and shag a sheep later.....
by robbiefowlerisgod February 05, 2010

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