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The use of sexual innuendo, making of indecent suggestions and sometimes minor physicall sexual harrassment (e.g. "accidental" touching or pinching). Typically perpetrated by male youths against a somewhat older women. An expression used widely on the Indian Sub-continent.
Reported in the Times of India, 25th Dec 2009, when a femail doctor publicly beat a youth in Lucknow in response to the obscene suggestions he had made - headlined as a case of Eve-teasing.
by Phalanges56 December 25, 2009
In India, the term used to denote a ubiquitous culture of harassment, intimidation, obscenity and sexual assault meant to prevent women from appearing on the street and using public transport.
On the bus to work, a young man took out his penis and started masturbating with one hand while grabbing my breasts with the other. The police did nothing, saying the man was merely "eve-teasing." Then, they put their hands inside their trousers and asked me to tell about the incident again.
by zoic December 31, 2012
Indo-English for public erotic behaviour towards females. Part of traditional South Asian courtship ritual, it ranges from cat-calls & whispered comments to mild fondling & outright groping. There are thus different varieties of Eve-Teasers, based on the method followed. Contrary to the Macauleyite media's claims, Eve-teasing is often enjoyed by both genders, & serious relations often start with Eve-teasing. In fact, it is very popular in crowded conditions, such as on public transport like Delhi buses & the Calcutta Metro; in the discos of Bombay & Goa; in festivals like the melas of Avadh, the Durga Puja in Kolkata & the Rath-Yatra in Orissa; in crowded bazaars & malls like those of Hyderabad; outside the ubiquitous womens' hostels & in University lawns; & on Indian Railways platforms & trains.

However, Protestantized feminists & busy-bodies are trying to put an end to this form of traditional entertainment. Their strategy involves first, deliberately conflating it with heinous crimes like acid-throwing & Western, Christian-style rape, & secondly, then criminalizing this new distorted concept. Simultaneously, they call for the abandonment of the Indo-English "Eve-Teasing" in favour of the loaded, Protestant-English "sexual harassment". Naturally, the Indian people have rejected the attempts by these Macauleyite fifth columnists to foist their alien Puritan morals onto them. Thus, Eve-teasing flourishes.
1. "Buses in Delhi are notoriously the worst place for 'Eve-teasing' ... the Indian term which covers everything from sexual harassment, pestering, groping, whispered obscenities as well as light-hearted cat-calls & equivalents of 'hello darling'." ( "When the Teasing Had to Stop" (in New Delhi) Guardian UK 2 Oct 1984, cited in The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English, Grant Barrett, p.109)
2. "... the bullying & harassment of girl students in the few coeducational institutions - a pastime so common that it has been given the name of 'Eve-teasing.'" ("Protection for Indian Girl Students" (in Delhi), Times {London} 22 Apr. 1960, p.9, cited in Barrett, op.cit, p.109)
3. "`Eve-teasing,' a peculiarly Indian euphemism for lewd taunting ... " (`Men at Work', Times of India, 25
Apr. 2005, cited in Barrett, op.cit, p.109)
4. Many females wear tight Shalwar Qameez so as to entice Eve-Teasing, which they enjoy a lot, considering it a
compliment for their good looks and fancy dress. Others enjoy the caresses they receive from their male admirers. - Indian Womanist Analysis of Eve-Teasing
5. Frustrated by their failure to confound Eve-Teasing & Sexual Harassment, the Anglicized classes have everywhere had to console themselves with the claim that Eve-teasing is absent in "their" region, but prevalent in all other regions of India. Of course, this is as wrong as it is self-contradictory. - Analysis of Macauleyism & Eve-Teasing.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 18, 2010