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The small yet bastard generation group of Americans , mostly of British descent , whom , due to being disconnected from their ancestry , have to suffice with a made up and completely deluded notion of a generalized " white " ancestry .

In order To reinforce this delusion , They have an Immense disposition for bastardizing the history of others and spend most of their time feverishly doing so instead of facing up to their mixed ancestry .

They are Incredibly rude , ill-bred , and rabid - a disposition which is probably due to the mixed heritage as well as convict heritage .

In short the mongrel tendency is a rabid one and their entire existence is a farce ...
All People with British ancestry are digusting , filty , rabid euromongrels . Their women are deluded , illbred , worthless whores .
by Werner777 November 23, 2009

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