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A dork of the uniquely Euro persuasion, i.e., can't dress, wears things that light up/flash, listens to too much techno, can't dance and usually can't do any other physical activity without looking like a total spaz. Single-handedly destroys the popular concept that Europeans are suave and sophisticated.

Usually male and not bad-looking, but was just never taught to be cool.

Eurodorks are often German, French, or Dutch. They are rarely Italian, since Italy is one of the few Euro countries with any style, and rarely English, due to the power of the English accent to make anyone seem like they have a clue.
OMG, look at that Eurodork in the adidas and the tight-in-the-wrong-places Michael Jackson t-shirt. I think he is wearing acid-washed jeans.
by ladeeda April 03, 2006
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