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A type of music typified by it's use of wobbly baselines and Crunk-esqe beats. Simultaneously akin to grime, 8-bit and crunk, this peculiar blend is a many-headed beast, a mixture of crazy Euro lyricism and glitchy blip-hop over snazzy syncopated beats. Smoe of its best representatives are, from Germany, Modeselektor, from France, TTC & Kazey Adn Bulldog. EuroCrunk is also championed by the likes of Italians, The Crookers and in the UK Stupid Fresh and Record labels such as 'Potty Mouth'.
Eurocrunk is played by DJ's such as Sinden And Herve, Jesse Rose, MegaDebt, Boy 8-Bit, Duke Dumont, RadioClit, Switch, Fake Blood and A-Trak.

Can also be known as 'Wonk' and 'Ghetto House'
1. "Man that rhythm is really bumpin'. Thats some WICKED Eurocrunk the DJ is pushin' tonight!"
2. Q) "Whats that new Crookers remix like man?"
"It's total Eurocrunk! Maybe a little bit Ghetto House though!"
#wonk #ghetto house #eurocrunk #house music genres #booty bass
by Andrew Bail April 29, 2008
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