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A person of African, Hispanic, and European (white) ethnic background. Typically found in/native to the Americas and the Caribbean, However, 'Euroblackspanic'. Native-Born American (United States) people that have mixed ethnic identities as a result of the American "melting pot" phenomenon are also suitable candidates for classification as Euroblackspanic, since we are running out of words such as mulatto (used to describe mixed african and european heritage), and "Blaxican", "Niggarachi" and "Afrospanic"- used loosely to describe people of Central/South American- African American descent. Note the hilarity of the terminology.
My dad was 25%MExican, 25%Venezuelan, 50% African Descent. My mom was 25% Irish, 25% Scottish, 50% German. Therefore, I am Euroblackspanic.
by Pat in the effin hat March 31, 2006
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