How you feel when the guy you have liked for over a year finally makes a move. When he calls you 'Honey Bun', and writes 'xox' when you are talking. The feeling of Euphoria is the best in the world. Your face gets flushed, your heart skips a step, and you cannot help but smile. Happiness doesn't even begin to explain how you feel. You are just so excited because you know that he likes you.
When Lukas says he likes you, and everything changes.

Jojo- When Lukas said he liked me, I totally experienced a total gush of Euphoria!
by January 04, 2009
The feeling you get when the girl of your dreams looks straight into your eyes and puts her nose to your as she smiles and giggles
We were on the couch she looked me in the eyes and i had the Euphoria of a life time
by her man 1126 January 05, 2014
a feeling of ecstasy
A feeling that makes you briefly escape from this world
You are the definition of euphoria Diana
by whatsleftofmenow March 17, 2015
A form of Henatai in which their are simulated conditions of violent and viscous rape with the submissivies being under extreme bondage conditions such as crossdressing, chaining, being beaten into submission, and multiple death threatening scenarios involved. Keep in mind the actual dictionary definition of euphoria is to be happy, this however is not the case for the submissive and is only for the Master's enjoyment. This is also s real thing that happens to in sex clubs and actual rape, the go-to for women who enjoy a little kink their boring lives.
You still haven't checked out that new Euphoria yet, you're fuckin' weird!
by DARK5 March 22, 2015
Past tense of euphoria
"Mike was in euphorium when he found out that the sack of nuts was ten pounds heavier then he thought."
by Surfingisgreat36 September 04, 2009
Euphoria means you are feeling much better than you usually do. However, since the prefix "eu-" is Greek for "normal", the implication is that the way you feel in everyday life is actually "dysphoria", a state of depression.
The legendary psychedelic chemist Alexander Shulgin brought the true meaning of euphoria to my attention.
by fuckthepolice February 18, 2008
dont do drugs. you might end up in a state of euphoria. and we all know that drugs are bad because they make you feel happy?
i smoked some kb last night then listened to a pink floyd album and was lost in a state of euphoria
by dr. feel good July 25, 2003

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