a wonderful city in oregon, home of the u of o ducks. a great college city with a great community. the grass is green, people are happy, and everyone is nice. this place is as close to heaven on earth as you can get. crime rate is low, girls are hot, air is clean, and fun is easy to come by. a dull day in eugene (aka paradise) is better than a great day in other cities.
eugene is awesome, a great place to live
by brosephbrohamuel March 30, 2008
Top Definition
a guy with a ridiculously small penis.

he likes to take it up the ass without rubbers from guys with 10 inch dicks. after they all finish inside him, he rubs off their excess cum and lets it drip on his chin.

he drinks lots of soy milk in hopes of one day growing tits.
shit nigga, that eugene was taking it up his ass so hard last night!

did you see the ass on that girl? *turns around* oh, its just a eugene...
by notsmalldick July 16, 2011
A cowardly and quirky individual who is rejected by society and is forced into a life of sociopathic tendencies
Eugene put on his fedora and trench coat before enduring the brave world outside the sanctuary he called home.
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by innocentEugenewithbackpack May 27, 2016
Known to be a total faggot. You can spot him in the city looking at the little kids or shooting up small schools. He is known to wear trench coats and, he carries a dildo in his left back pocket.

He is also known to like Pokemon, dragon ball z, and any type of wax product. Be aware for his book bag. "Eugene" will most likely be carrying around a pistol.
Eugene got busted for spying on little kids, so he shot up his high school.
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by pm.100 June 07, 2016

Eugene(s) can only be described by the following: wears fedora , is very cringe worthy, sports a neck-beard, fat,skinny young, old,etc.

Eugene(s) always tries to pick girls up but instead fails every single time.

He might take drastic radical actions to get a female to have sexual intercourse with him(them), even if sexual harassment or rape is the only option!

He also tries to infiltrate the comment section on Birdman's YouTube Channel, but will always be caught and roasted by the 36 year old Birdman himself!

Beware of Eugene!
Boy #1: Dude, who the creep trying to ask that girl out over there?
Boy#2: Oh, it's Eugene . He's a bit of a fucken weirdo! He always wearing a Rainbow Dash shirt and a fedora hat to impress the ladies!
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by Satirical Rabbit June 09, 2016
(via Birdman on YouTube) A species in which they are not socially accepted. They usually die as virgins and/or while shooting up the school.
When Eugene reaches into his backpack, you know it is time to run.
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by King EMan June 18, 2016
A cringeworthy individual who is known for his school shooting activities and can usually be found wearing a trench coat and/or a fedora.
When Eugene reaches into his backpack you know it's time to run.
by Frog Eye July 06, 2016
A person who can be described as a dumbass, or a herb. The kind of person who will go up to a deranged Ranger fan, with the knowledge that fan is deranged and say F**K The Rangers.

He the gets hit in the nuts many times, and body checked over car hoods by that one deranged Ranger fan.
That kid is so Eugene
by Jelly33 August 14, 2006
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