'Take the eternal dark heart, that fragile glass heart, and place it back from whence it came, so that it may know eternal rest...'

Also Invicta of the Catwings
by Loki January 16, 2004
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The most bad ass Pokemon Online killing machine from the future auth ever! This son of a gun has no mercy. He'll mute your ass if you say something retarded like "Hello, my name is coyotte509." Cuz no one gives a shit about your name, and then 69 secs later, you're ass just got banned. We all know Professor Oak runs the place, but Eternal flies the place. He's fresh, he's fly, he's so damn high. Everything he does, he does it big. When he pulls off the lot, he's stuntin'.
(16:52:17) coyotte508: Hello, my name is coyotte508
(16:52:33) +Bot: coyotte508 was muted by Eternal!
by NightmareKnight February 15, 2011

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