Very Sketchy. Alternative to hella sketch, which is a californian slang. Etchasketch is more viable to the general teenage audience. Use it with caution.
Dude that guy's so etchasketch -David
Yea i know!, we gotta keep away from him if you don't want any trouble.- Sarah
#sketch #hella sketch #sketchy #shady #sketchball
by Chewyjiadavid July 13, 2008
Facing your woman, both of you naked, take both of your hands, grab both of her nipples with all of your fingertips, and tickle her nips.
If I ever meet Pam Anderson, I'm gonna ask her if she wants to see me Etch-A-Sketch.
#nip-n-tick #tune the radio #picking berries #blind man's delight #safe cracker's warm up
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006
A term for a sex position where the male is the artist and the female is the etch-a-sketch. Coined etch-a-sketch because of the similar actions performed when trying to draw something on an etch-a-sketch. Done by performing the following steps:
1) turn the knobs to draw a picture (twist the nipples to draw a "happy face" on the female)
2) shake to erase the sketch (the "happy face" is removed once the male repeatedly penetrates the female by moving her up and down quickly)
3) repeat.
My favorite childhood toy was an etch-a-sketch. I'm a kid at heart, which is why I'm playful during sex. I'll always etch-a-sketch on a first date. It makes me feel young again.
#etch-a-sketch #etch a sketch #sex #happy face #childhood #kid at heart
by totomm February 23, 2011
A girl you get with when your drunk, when you wake up the next day, you shake your head in shame to forget about it.
"So anything going with you and stacy?"
"No Way. Straight up Etch a Sketch"
#sketchin out #drunk hookup #sketchy #etch sketchy #wasted
by NotMyChairs June 20, 2011
When you cum on a girls face than you grab her by the ears and try to shake it off....
after banging for an hour i preceded to give lisa the ole Etch-A-Sketch.
#echa #scketch #shake #knobs #tune
by Cmurfs December 08, 2006
a term used to describe a situation or basically any noun that is of dubious character
I can't believe she was hanging out with Jackie's boyfriend. That is totally etch-a-sketch.
by (n) April 17, 2005
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