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Esweezy is a charming person with not a cocky attitude, he just has confidence.

Esweezy has tons of swag.

Person that is just an all around badass.

Everyone loves to be around.

Knows how to catch a football, and be the number one lover in your life.

Esweezy is usually half animal half badass.

Esweezy has charming looks & a boat load of charisma.

The average person cannot get enough Esweezy in their lives.

Esweezy is known to be a player but, when in a realtionship you already know he is dedicated to that one and only girl.
"Man! That guy is so fucking cool! He must be Esweezy!"

Person 1: "Why does she love him so much!?!?
Person 2: "Well, he is Esweezy!"
Person 1: "Oh, now i see! I think I love him too!"
Person 2 "Yeah. I've always loved Esweezy!"
by Enrique Gardillo July 13, 2011
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