A gorgeous, intelligent and hilarious woman. She has great taste in music, cinema and literature. She is a student of world languages and a Vegan. She is a Caucasian/Arab hybrid.
My friend Esma.
by amissanthropic August 28, 2008
Esma is the most amazing person ever. She's hilarious, the best friend anyone can ask, and smart. She's friends with all the guys and parties with them but doesn't realize that they want to be more than just friends. She's gorgeous and can make anyone's day by smiling. Her nickname is Princess, well because she is one.

If you fall in love with her, good luck. She'll play you, make you fall for her even more, then poof. She's gone. Not many people know this but falling in love (other than being afraid of thunder and rape) is her biggest fear, so she'll convince herself that she doesn't love or need you.
Person 1: Was Esma at that party?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Her and the boys were having so much fun!
Person 1: Does she still dating that one guy?
Person 2: It's Esma. She doesn't date guys.
by lonestar199 December 30, 2012

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