when a guy cums in a girls mouth. and then she gives him a long slow kiss goodnight
"yummo, give me some pie, baby!"
by craig dean February 03, 2004
A sexual act in which a man defecates, ejaculates, and urinates on a woman's (or man's) hair, then sets the person's hair on fire.
Man #1: Man, I don't know how to break it to my girlfriend.

Man #2: Just give 'er the ol' Eskimo Pie!
by Wolfedogg April 04, 2008
To deficate in a toilet then ejaculate on top and not flush.
the result is a cum covered shit. usually in communal toilets.
don't go in there, some one layed an eskimo pie.
by AkIRA22 November 08, 2006
The circular, red mark that appears upon one's leg after the person's legs are crossed for a long time.
Crystal got an eskimo-pie from crossing her legs during the long assembly at school.
by Emily July 24, 2004
breakup tactic which involves defecating on a plate and placing the feces in the freezer for the slut you want to break up with.
"you aren't goin to believe this but that bastard i was dating eskimo pied me...you know pinched a loaf on a plate and stuck it in my freezer...now all my ice tastes like poo."
by david March 03, 2005
When an eskimo craps in a pasture, this is what he makes.
Ewwww man, don't step on those Eskimo pies...
by Dickman March 29, 2003
Taking someone's hood on their hooded shirt/jacket and pulling it over their head and face violently. Usually accompanied by the screaming of "Eskimo Pie!."
Gus: Well, that's gay.
Billy: WHAT?! ESKIMO PIE!!!!
by Eskimo Pie July 09, 2006

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