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A name derived from the Masoretic Hebrew name Ezra, meaning absent. Although the name is Greco-Latin, the name is typically given to Hispanic males, usually from Central or South America, and is often used to describe smart, funny, and loyal people, who are often very teasing, but are sweet and caring down at the core of their beings. An Esdras is typically a good friend to talk to when you're down, as they are very good listeners and naturally empathetic people.

An Esdras will most always be in the company of people who they believe will be there for them forever, because of their subconscious desires for a committed relationship.

A man named Esdras also tends to be dubbed as the "hoe" (or any derogative term) or the group, due to the fact that they can get a little cocky sometimes and need to be reminded that they aren't THAT much better than the rest of us.
Person 1: Wow, your friend sounds so great, his name should be Esdras forsure!

Person 2: Pfft, yeah my bitch is pretty great.
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by TumblrBot42 October 29, 2013
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