the first button on the keyboard
Did you know that the Esc button is the first button on the keyboard?
by Langwij~Master May 27, 2003
Top Definition
The "escape" key. It, like, closes windows, or programs, or something like that. Often used in vain by computer illiterate school teachers to somehow fix a frozen computer.
- "Mrs. So-and-so!"
- "Yes?"
- "I think my computer froze."
*teacher walks over*
- "Hmmm...."
*teacher repeatedly taps the "Esc" key*
- "Well, I'm not sure what's wrong. Just go to another computer."
- "But I'm in the middle of an assignment!"
- "Well, tough shit!"
by S_t_G December 25, 2004
To escape something. Most commonly, a relationship.
Guy says: This bitch is off my nuts.
Friend says: Really?
Guy says: ESC
Friend says: lol
by stonerlogicftw April 29, 2010
1. The abbreviation found on a key on a keyboard that stands for "Escape."

2. Abbreviation for "Electronic Stability Control" which is a computer that has all the features found in TCS and ABS, but prevents things like understeer and oversteer to prevent roll overs, skids, and spins. Currently Congress is trying to pass a bill that requires ESC on all SUVs.

3. Abbreviation for "Electronic Speed Control" which are found in high end RC cars that limit the amount of current that goes to the motor so it doesn't fry.
1. I was playing the game, but it stopped becaused I hit the ESC key

2. Luckily that SUV didn't flip when it made that turn at 100 mph. It must have ESC.

3. Dude, you hooked twelve cells up to that ESC, no wonder you fryed it.
by Al "The Computer Guy" December 30, 2005
The ESC is Eastern Santa Cruz. just past the Santa Cruz mountains in Central California. It cradles Reggae/ Ska, Punk Rock and skateboarding as well as beach side cities. Commonly smelling of the Ocean, remnants of sand are on most of the weathered streets. The ESC has a lot of umbrella shaped trees and is a good place to walk like it's the concrete jungle and chill like it's Maui. The reggae-rock band The Expendable is an ESC band. The ESC is also found in their song Sinsemillia.
Dude let's head down to the ESC for some surf and skate. I need some place to hang for a while.
by Wulph February 23, 2010
Abbreviation for "Emergency Shit Condition," when one has extreme and (often sudden) onset of need for bowel movement.
"I hope we can make it to that rest area, I've got an ESC going on here."
by Timsee February 06, 2009
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