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One of the main characters from the anime and manga Fairy Tail, also known as Titania. In addition to looking awesome she is an S-Rank Wizard, and overall a badass being one of the strongest and more intimidating members of the guild and a master of Reequip Magic.
1. Erza Scarlet is definitely one of the stronger members of Team Natsu, however she can be pretty scary if you break the rules.
by justarandompasserby March 18, 2013
A main character in the popular anime, Fairy Tail. She is kick-ass, sexy, and scary. She also is known for being the sexua slave of Gray Fullbuster. Erza also has a crush on Gray Fullbuster.
"Erza Scarlet totally likes Gray Fullbuster"
by GrayZa Shipper January 21, 2013