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A cool, nice, sometimes nerdy, caring, sweet guy that is almost everybody's friend. Can be a video game addict but not always. Eryk's are usually smiley and care about the girls they go out with. You will never want to let them go.
Boy 1: Dude you know the new kid?
Boy 2: Yeah! He's a total Eryk!!
by Sweetie96 February 24, 2010
A cool polish guy who loves all the girls he dates/ asks out. He will care for you no matter. he can be a little bit mean but is always the friend/ boyfriend you've ever dreamed of. Hes a really good kisser.He will do what every he can to make you funny. But dont make him angry or you'll regret it forever.
There is this guy that loves me, hes a total eryk.
by im on fleek March 21, 2016
Snotty, home-schooled, latch-key-goth who spends his days screaming into his pillow because his mother once asked him to take out the garbage when his favorite TV show was on. Sometimes records these screamings while wearing sassy sweatpants and insists on calling it "music" which you could not possibly understand.
eryk doesn't spell his name properly because that's just what you WANT him to do!
by Dr. Popular March 16, 2003
A guy that is annoyingly obsessive about the girls they go out with and are very clingy some would say that they are worse than some girls... Let them go when you have the chance and before they get too attached to you. They may be charming at first but once they grow attached they will most likely almost never leave you alone
Girl 1: Hey your ex is so clingy!
Girl 2: Oh my gosh I know! He was a total Eryk.
by Figure it out Eryk March 05, 2010
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