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The best guy ever, who loves to write poems. He rocks at everything, and loves going outside. He's very easy to get to know, and everyone loves him. A very awesome guy. :D
Person X: Who are you going to the concert with?

Person A: Erwin.

Person X: Count me in!
by Reader1199 June 18, 2010
the most intelligent, sexiest and funniest boyfriend ever!
"does your erwin has a brother? is he single?"
by peppermint patty1 February 04, 2010
Small town in north-eastern Tennessee. The Appalachian Trail runs near it, and it is a popular destination for hikers to 1. resupply and/or 2. waste days away at the local hiker hostel.
-Erwin is a good stop off point, they have a movie theater, a sonic and a couple pizza places.

-let's do this thang.
by smockadoodledoo March 11, 2010
pulling an erwin is when someone walks into a pole, or any type of solid object that you may walk into.
dude #1: yo man, did that guy just walk into a pole?
dude #2: yeah man, that foo pulled an erwin .
dude #1: tru, lets get drunk
dude #2: word up
by Misq April 03, 2007
A name given to people who like to swim. Usually a playboy and loves to flirt. When you're dating someone named Erwin, BEWARE.
That erwin is a swimmer but I think he'll just two time me or worse...
by erwin yaptangco August 02, 2011
Someone who sleeps with everyone. Will do anything that walks.
Dang i heard that girl had sex with five dudes in one night. Yeah she is such an Erwin.
by DAS group August 11, 2011
a beer or alcoholic drink that has been left out unfinished. usually found in large numbers the next morning after a party.
1st guy: "dude, grab me a beer while you're up."
2nd guy: "no way, you already have two erwins sitting in front of you."
by b.o.d. June 12, 2007