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A very attractive green wolf that gives everyone he meets a nosebleed because he's just so sexy. It is a common misconception that he is emo because of his extremely sexy hair, but he's actually rather happy with life. Erven is the very definition of a sexy vampire. Edward Cullen has many things to learn from him.

He is also going to be featured in a comic parodying the famous Ocarina of Time video game. This comic will be known as Sexy Beast of Time (or SBoT) and will follow Erven on his quest with his forlorn fairy advisor. They engage in a comical adventure of lust, emotionlessness, and drug abuse together, coming across many interesting figures on their journey.
My friend died last week....


....they said they found him with an excessive amount of blood flowing from his nose.

...Erven strikes again!
by Midnightstorm45 April 08, 2011
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