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To fight in a superheroic or crazy way.

Errol Flynn was the star of various adventure movies like robin hood, captain blood, etc.
Joey was getting jumped by a gang but suddenly went all Errol Flynn and kicked their ass!
by Grodzilla May 20, 2008
Step-cousin of the Dirty Sanchez, the Errol Flynn also involves jamming a finger in the girl's ass while doing her doggy style. You then pull her hair back to give the Errol Flynn slicked-back swashbuckler look and apply a pencil-thin brown mustache to her upper lip.

Unlike a Dirty Sanchez, the Errol Flynn involves use of the pinky finger and not a thumb.
It was like the Adventures of Robin Hood last night with your sister. With that pencil-thin brown mustache, she looked just like Errol Flynn
by Xaveir August 10, 2007