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A belief that someone else is in love with you. When they're not.
Some guy thinking - Oh she's so hot, oh I know she likes me, we should get together.

The some guy thinkinghas Erotomania.
by creekutsu July 26, 2008
the strong sexual desire for strangers, to the point of being in love with the fantasy.
Sasha: "I'm totally in love with Nick!"
Penny: "Have you ever spoken to him."
Sasha: "No, but I want to have sex with him."
Penny: "I think you have a condition called erotomania."
by Dawn Glenbrook January 18, 2009
Erotomania is a disorder in which some low-life thinks that some swanky posh lass/lad is in love with them.
Some geeky kid may believe that the queen of the school is in love with them, then the kid has erotomania.
by Smoabsolute January 27, 2007
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